From 0 Conversions to Principle Lead Magnet

The journey to becoming a $16mm company


Meet Click-Air

Click-Air is a Montreal Air conditioner & heating repair company. With over 10 years in business this company specializes in providing heating and cooling services for residential and commercial properties in Montreal and the surrounding areas.


The Cost of a Broken Website

Click-Air started campaigning on Google, spending thousands per month before doing a proper analysis of their site.

The result was thousands in lost ad spend without a single new customer.


Replace The Website

The old site:

Slow loading causing high bounce rates, the old site was poorly structured with no compelling message or clear call-to-action elements.

The new site:

Designing a userflow that is focused on visitor conversion, we built and launched a completely new site in under 1 month.

  • Stop Ads
  • Identify The Issue
  • Replace Website
  • Resume Ads
  • Profit

Same Ads Now Converting

We shifted their website from cost center to lead source, doubling the size of their business

  • Sudden influx of new requests
  • Consistently doubling their annual client acquisition
  • Boost in SEO
  • From $1mm valuation to $16mm valuation

Content creators and human resources personnel are able to seamlessly update the website through graphical interfaces, and the site simply rebuilds itself along with search engine indexes as the OpenWeb team continues to create.

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