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Client Focused Since 2013

As freelancers, Vincent and Sheldon started working together in 2009. By 2013 they created a united front known as Drive Marketing. Their focus on product excellency, cost efficiency and client satisfaction has lead to their expanded team today in a trendy part of Montreal.

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Technical Director
I handle marketing strategy and execution. I used to code but the team has asked me to stop :(
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Creative Director
I make things look nice and usable for our clients, and for the clients of our clients. If you think Vectors and Pixels are 2 countries, please give me a call right now!
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Lead Developer
My job is to make things work and to help out whenever/wherever necessary. Most importantly though, I provide the comic relief!
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I go over data, drive traffic, go over more data, drive more traffic, take a break, and then, I go over more.. You get the point.
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Project Manager
A Jack-of-all-trades, I help out where I can. Believe in the me who believes in you!
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Cat Wrangler / Web Designer
I take care of Drive's aesthetic." (No comment here, too busy cat wrangling)
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I write content so that you don't have to. Don't you worry about lorem ipsum. Let me worry about lorem ipsum.
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Whatever your idea and goal is, I will put in my best work to bring them to life. A life where there are no bugs of course ...
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History of the company

Drive is Founded

"Vincent and I decided to present a united front to better serve our clients by combining his beautiful designs with my functional programming. We found out that to open a bank account, we would need to register a company. Thus Drive Marketing was born."

- Sheldon Poon, Co-Founder

We Have An Office

"We were sick of the cafes for our meetings and wanted the convenience of an office. We found a great little space in St Henri, a trendy area of Montreal. Shortly after opening the office we had to start hiring our first designers and developers."

- Vincent David, Co-Founder

Building Our Team

"In the early days we were hiring to help me and Vincent with our workloads. As the team took over the technical work, this freed us up to dive deeper into marketing strategy and communications to better serve our clients on a business level. The result was that I could translate our client's business goals into a technical language that our team can implement."

- Sheldon Poon, Co-Founder

Looking Ahead

"Our clients' needs have become increasingly sophisticated as online marketing gets more competitive. We've seen that the freelancer working as a jack-of-all-trades can't keep up in an ever-changing landscape. With our team, Sheldon and I will continue to enjoy identifying solutions to help our clients grow for years to come."

- Vincent David, Co-Founder

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