Bassé Nuts

We had the pleasure of collaborating with our friends over at Citris Communications as well as Suite 203 for this project. The design and concept were the brainchild of all three parties, each bringing their unique understanding of the client's needs. The final product is a perfect mix of incredible design, targeted marketing goals, and cutting edge web technologies.

CEED Concordia

We are proud to work with CEED Concordia, a non-profit cultural exchange organization based in both Montreal, Canada and Gulu, Uganda. Working closely with the communications team at CEED we were able to bring to life a site with many different targets across the organization.

JDM Racing Motors

A complex site with a lot of moving parts, JDM Racing Motors depends on their site to be the showroom for their business. By rebuilding their site, we increased conversion by cleaning up the checkout experience and vastly improving on-site SEO. Combined with their strong social media presence, their site brings in tens of thousands of unique visitors every month.

Dskate Hockey

The current site is actually the third version of the Dskate Hockey since we started working together years ago. Our work with Dskate Hockey has developed into a long-lasting partnership where Drive Marketing has been able to deliver new marketing content and new technologies to help Dskate Hockey continue to grow and innovate. Today, the site is much more than an information portal and acts as a management tool for all of the registrations for the Dskate events and will soon grow into a community platform.

Action Nouvelle Vie

A clean design for a non-profit organization that accepts donations online. We connected up their website in order to receive online payments that deposits funds directly into their bank account.

Since switching over we have seen an increase in donations due to the improved user experience and simple to use user interface.


Before switching to the current site, this client had a lot of traffic (thanks to NetVia Solutions) but zero conversions. When we took on the challenge of addressing this problem, we reworked the entire site to load faster, have clear call-to-actions, and a very clear visitor flow to drive new leads for their sales department. Today, our work and the new site accounts for half of their annual sales.

Allez Up

The largest indoor climbing gym in Montreal, Allez Up's impressive history required a site that would be able to organize and showcase all of their extensive content as well as their different facilities. This is actually the third site we have built for them and expect to create a new look in the coming months to help better present their impressive location.


Our friends at Astilbe worked closely with our design and programming team in order to create a site to properly showcase their elegant designs. With the Astilbe site we wanted to make sure that the final product properly represented the culture of Astilbe's small team and provided them with the tools to share their clients' experiences on social media.

Grenier Gagnon

A simple, clean site that showcases Grenier Gagnon's key staff and services. Grenier Gagnon requested something extremely professional and crisp that would resonate well with their clientel. With the help of Chivalric Pictures, the end result is an extremely modern site with a striking look.


Six-Essentials provided a unique challenge to our team. The product has some important health benefits backed by facts while the brand required something edgy and provocative. In the end, Drive Marketing was able to deliver a completely custom site that was able to bring a mix of both elements in a clean user experience on both mobile and desktop devices.

Vent Over Tea

Vent Over Tea is a non-profit startup based here in Montreal that was started by two McGill students. When we discovered that they were running on a restrictive platform, our team offered to help them rebuilt their site so that they could more effectively market themselves and not have to worry about dealing with the technical challenges of getting online. In the end, we helped them build a site that both parties are proud of and our continued collaboration will lead to new opportunities in the near future.