Dispel doubts surrounding landing pages

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If you hear CRO, you hear landing pages. You doubted that landing pages are critical to your conversion strategy. A conversion rate upward impacts your revenue. So why don’t you do it the right way? Easier said than done. Another thing you can imagine. You need answers. If you didn’t use landing pages before reading this article, you will discover that they are very useful. Many people don’t use them saying they always look crowded or they simply don’t know how to use them. You doubt that these objections don’t hold all the way. Now is the time to teach you things you didn’t know. This is only the beginning of a series that will aim to enrich your knowledge of landing pages. We had warned you that they were essential. Just like this series! Let’s be serious and plunge into the thick of it.


You have created a page with an attractive design, easy to read and it raises important points about your product. You guessed it, all these are important. Let’s say that your page loads within a reasonable time. But. Note the conjunction of opposition. Your conversion rate is simply not satisfactory. You analyze your data. You lose some hair. Your throat is dry. Disappointment quietly grabs you. Rest assured, you do well to read this article. First things first. Ask yourself questions. Analyze your situation, your goals, your strategy. Watch your working methods. Examine what your customers say about your company. Analyze the data you collect through Google Analytics. This may sound so simple. This is so simple that many people skip this step. Do not make this mistake. This step is crucial. You will definitely learn something about what you had planned for your business and reality. Take time to ponder the direction you want to take. Then you will save time and money. This research phase will dictate many elements for the next steps. Once research and analysis are completed, look at your landing page. Is your slogan representative of what your company offers? Is the ad slogan identical to your landing page? If your message is not clear, imagine one minute what your potential customers will think. Yes, they will leave your page without wasting another minute. A confusing message will undermine the credibility of your business. Note that the confidence of visitors in your business will decline. You don’t want a bad reputation. Trust is something that often comes up in the comments left by visitors. Their confidence decreases when it comes to making purchases on the Internet. They absolutely want to feel your business is honest.

Another question: is your CTA (call to action) visible? Feel free to add arrows pointing towards your call to action to reinforce the urgency of action in the visitor. You can put videos and images to accompany your CTA. The Unbounce website says that videos increase the conversion up to 80%. Have you thought about adding testimonials of satisfied customers? It looks good and it can influence a future undecided customer. Another important thing: when customers are on the verge of completing the purchase, remind them the value of your product. Don’t assume that visitors will make the purchase because they are at the checkout page. Look at each step of the conversion process to ensure that each element is in its place. All these elements gathered together should work well. Conversion Rate Experts, an international consultancy that works with online businesses, says that customer’s surveys can tell you a lot about your company. Nothing better than to question those you’re trying to seduce!

Dispel doubts

With all these elements to analyze and test, here are some tools to help you work efficiently. To make your A / B testing, you can rely on Google Analytics or Convert.com. Perform several tests to compare the results between the old and the new landing page. To conduct surveys, you can turn to FluidSurveys or SurveyGizmo. You probably know other websites. Choose what best suits your needs. With all this new information, you cannot go wrong when analyzing your landing page. Doubt should now have dissipated. Future articles will give you more valuable advices that you will absolutely want to know.

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