About Us

We're not a creative agency, we're a bunch of data-loving nerds.

Our Team

Head Office

Proudly based in Montreal, Canada, our office is set up in a trendy part of town near Place St. Henri.

Even before the pandemic, the office has always been more of a hangout for food and coffee than a stack of cubicles where the team members have to report in.

With the company being mostly remote WFH, the office today is used mostly for social gatherings, the occasional in-person meeting, and, of course, to house Austin and Charlie, our mascot cat and dog duo.

Media Studio:

As we’ve diversified into design and media, we’ve had a need to expand into a studio space that can accommodate photography and video shoots. Collaborating with our friends at Chivalry Creative, we launched SpinTop360 as a joint venture.

The SpinTop360 studio is located just down the street and serves as a home for our production staff to enjoy a much more creative environment. Our development team is assuredly not locked in cages at the head office, no matter what lies they may tell you.

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Our Values

We’ve taken the time to create standard operating procedures that have proven, time and time again, to result in success.


We’ve learned, through experience, that skipping steps or cutting corners benefits no one in the long run. By doing things properly the first time, we can work more efficiently and reach our end goals faster. This translates to less money wasted and greater ROI for you. Putting in the necessary work to get a project done right is core to our team’s way of thinking and working. We pride ourselves on taking care of all the small details so that you don’t have to.


We like to work with clients who, like us, take pride in their work and don’t take shortcuts.

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, full of moving parts and layers of complexity.


In order to stay on the cutting edge, our team is made up of vocational experts with a deep love of learning and a real passion for our industry. Part of what we enjoy doing as a team is getting together to share new findings, tactics, and case studies, fine-tuning our strategies over time.


By bringing together a group of life-long learners, you benefit from the latest tech while keeping ahead of your competition.

Our team is passionate about marketing and communications and is always looking for new problems to solve.


Whenever we encounter a challenge, we take the time to research and discuss possible solutions while testing and collecting data to support our theses. We enjoy working with clients who are extremely knowledgeable about their industries and can engage with us in meaningful conversations.


By combining your industry knowledge with our expertise in marketing, we’re able to come up with unique strategies that give you an edge.

Our Process

Basic SWOT analysis to understand your:

  • market niche
  • audience
  • competition

Research your buyers to understand their pain points, desires, vocabulary, and alternative solutions

Create a message that grabs the attention of your intended audience, followed by compelling reasons to choose your product or service over alternatives

Put together a plan of action that takes the whole brand into account and where it needs to be.

Review existing website in detail and identify gaps

Review Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, Instagram, LinkedIn Page, etc.

Review setups for Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.

Start running ads to collect data and see whether audience targeting and messaging resonate as intended

Once a baseline performance has been established, adjust campaigns to optimize performance

As more data comes in, tweak content according to findings and repeat data collection and optimization processes

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