The art of testing !

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The previous two articles dealt with good and bad practices to adopt or avoid in order to design the perfect landing page. Your success is so dear to our hearts that we have new information for you! You understand that landing pages are so essential to any serious conversion strategy that we want you to have the best information. You have created a beautiful landing page, but that's not all. We must test and let the visitors decide. Their actions on your page will indicate if you managed your page or if you missed your shot. You know, your customer is always right! Don’t lose hope if you have to work on a few things: data will be useful for the next steps. Here are some tips to help you master the art of testing.

The art of testing

In his article Seven Simple Tips for Insightful A / B Testing, Alp Mimaroglu gives some tips to make your tests. One of the important things to mention is that you have to do a lot of tests. The more you test, the more you will have data to analyze and you will know specifically what you need to change or improve. After all, you want to increase your conversion rate, but first things first. Stay focused on the goal of your page: promote your product. There is one page for a single purpose. Next, it’s important to rely on data, not on instinct. Sometimes we have a stroke of genius, but Alp Mimaroglu recalls that the data collected will give you all the information you need. Simplicity always tastes better.

Certainly you want to use all possible and unimaginable words to properly represent your product. You want to make sure that the visitor understands what it is. By cons, we mustn’t stun a potential customer with too much content. Think about simplicity: demonstrate the relevance of your product in a few words. Remember that sincerity is important. Don’t use the jargon associated with your corporate domain. Focus on what interests the visitor: he wants to know how your product will meet his needs. The next tip was mentioned several times: test the colors, the shape of items that are on your page, their size and even their location on the page. Sometimes, changing the color of a button will do the trick. Alp Mimaroglu stresses that the impact of such changes can be difficult to assess. It is then necessary to rely on visual marketing theories and have a good understanding of the personality of your buyers. Remember: it’s important to ask questions to your customers. Make surveys. Don’t miss this opportunity, you would make a mistake. By asking questions, you will know exactly what they think and what they need. This valuable information can change many things for your business. This is why it’s important to have in hands qualitative and quantitative data before proceeding with A / B testing.

Finally, don’t perform tests for small changes (color, shape, etc.). Make big changes in one go and you will observe better results. Neil Patel, founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar in addition to being an entrepreneur, says it’s necessary to optimize a landing page to increase your income and not the conversion rate. He added that a conversion rate down can increase your income. The quickest way to get this result is to increase your prices. When working on your pages, keep in mind you want to increase your income. (This is obvious!)

Master the art of testing

All the basic elements have been set up to perform your tests: they will help you minimize the chances of wrong. Don’t be afraid to make several tests. You will be more confident. There is one last tip that is just as valuable as the others: patience! Above all, don’t expect to have incredible results after one day of testing. Be patient and take the time to analyze the results. Don’t expect a monthly increase. There’s no specific duration. It depends on the volume of visitors. Arm yourself with patience, analyze all your data and then take the best decisions for your business. The results will certainly be positive.

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