iF3 International Film Festival Site Launch!

By Elena B, published on

iF3 is an International Film Festival featuring skiing and snowboarding films from 20+ countries. The biggest festival of its kind and offering the only independent ski film award ceremony, iF3 scours for worldwide talent to feature winter sports passion projects and bring together producers, athletes, brands and fans.

From their new website:

Why they needed a digital agency:

Last year the iF3 began transitioning into a new phase of their development after organizational changes, an effort which this year manifested itself as a renewed commitment to revamping their outdated website. The organisers wanted to make a serious investment into growing the festival’s reach, so they can add more countries to their tour for hosting screenings, competitions, and parties.


Achievement Unlocked!

Full redesign project was completed in 2.5 weeks total, both on time and under budget.


What was wrong with old site?

  • The original site was only ever supposed to be a temporary placeholder that ended up being used as the official site. So there wasn't as much premeditated thought in making it the ideal fit for the festival planners (and goers).
  • The template had a lot of limitations, particularly in restrictions with design elements. This drawback did not allow the organization of the site's content to be intuitive, so the information was unnecessarily difficult to find and confusing to digest.
  • The back end also presented a lot of issues, including ads for plugins crowding up the control panel. It was cumbersome for the organizers to make changes and create posts on the site to keep all the festival buzz up to date.


What does the new site achieve that the old site didn’t?

  • The site's new layout brings more focus to the all-too-important film guide, which is supposed to be one of the primary functions of the site – allowing people to know exactly what’s playing, where, and when.
  • It makes the film themselves stand out with large format, crisp HD video trailers (previously difficult to find). The trailers were already professionally edited to make the films attractive, now the website had been professionally laid out to make the trailers attractive.
  • The new site also highlights some of the big name sponsors supporting all the events, so audiences can visually identify the prestige and popularity of the festival.


How did we produce the polished product so quickly?

Collaboration. Working with Luc and Camille, we were trusted to make a lot of executive decisions  and they did their part to help the site launch faster by working on the content while the front end was under construction.

Efficiency.  We scheduled two focused in-person meetings. First to discuss design elements for major preliminary decisions, then to help train our clients in using our control panel so they could get started on the content as soon as possible.


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