We Made a Landing Page (and increased our client's sales by ∞%)

By Sheldon Poon, published on

Super proud of my team for their awesome work again and wanted to share!
We launched a landing page for a client a few weeks back. My buddy brought us in because he was handling ad spend for them and their site was failing hard. He stopped ad spend while we built a new landing page that proper reflected the client's value to their customers.
before us:
  • 4 weeks of ad spend
  • 190 sign ups with 170 of them being garbage (people just wanted to see the next screen)
  • $0 in new sales
with our lander:
  • 2 weeks of ad spend
  • 500 new sign ups (with very little garbage)
  • $10k in new sales
  • bonus: 200+ unsolicited, organic "shares" of the page on social media (friends showing other friends the lander)
the interesting factor was that it was the exact same audience targeting but very different results
original landing page: https://members.burgdirect.com/

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