On the significance of marketing strategy in web design

By Brent R, published on

Modern Times Call for Modern Measures

How do you stand out amidst a veritable sea of information? How do you get results when every other site is attempting the same? That’s the very question at the core of Drive Marketing’s practices and the answer lies in your intentions for marketing strategy.

An Example

Take for example the website of a rock band. Their music may be avant garde and the site may reflect that by defying the modern conventions of web design. Read artistic. While pleasing to the eye, the trade-off becomes apparent in many such instances when the site may be more difficult to navigate or not convey the appropriate information regarding products and shows. When a user comes to your site they desire functionality and if it doesn’t cater to them you may lose that traffic, sometimes without any returns. It is no longer affordable to have a simply creative or artistic site that doesn’t convert or rank well because there are already many out there that look good.


Websites are tools to use in a variety of situations from brand expansion to improved conversion. As such, the intentions behind what it is exactly you need to accomplish are what should drive the design of your site and not the other way around. By first focusing on your message, your direction and what you seek to achieve with your site the design will follow suite in a logical way that allows it to achieve its intended function. By consciously making decisions behind what type of design will have better results in practical use, your site will organically stand out.


Focusing on the functionality and strategy behind the design of a website creates a more pleasing user experience. This not only ranks better with Google but also leads to more frequent returns to the site. More returns to a user-friendly site means more chances that the strategy used to draw in your audience will come to fruition. The importance here is that a strategy-focused approach doesn’t mean sacrificing the design, in fact quite the opposite. 

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