At the heart of natural ranking: what rhymes with SEO? (part 1)

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The previous article, The tree is the Web Marketing, familiarized yourself with the various workings of web marketing. Now you know what it is when talking about SEM, SEO and CRO. The SEM is the path that leads to all the others. This is a set of methods that allow you to increase the visibility of your website on search engines. The next series products will focus on each of the above acronyms seen to better understand their peculiarities. This first article will be dedicated to SEO, but specifically in SEO. SEO is all that is results obtained from research on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. You can learn more about SEO, what to consider and blunders to avoid.

Bet all his dice on SEO

You must have heard a variety of things about SEO. The amount of information that flows is impressive. Must still sort out fact from fiction. First, you must understand that SEO is a way to optimize your results on search engines. This is also a way to increase the volume of visitors to your website. We must especially focus on quality, not quantity. Many people waste valuable time trying to tame the Google bots. Drop this lost cause. The algorithm is changed between 500 and 600 times a year. Imagine that you manage to find the miraculous way to predict their behavior, you will be 20 steps back. Things quickly scramble in the world of web marketing. Google insists on the point to emphasize: quality content. Your position in the results pages of search engines is not the only important element. Remember those trying by all means to get attention. Yes, users. In addition, we must ensure its presence all over the Web, not just search engines. Social networks are here to your rescue. We will return in the next article.

The Moz Blog offers some SEO strategies. First, you can increase your position in search results pages of search engines. You guessed it, the better your position in search results pages, the higher your volume of visitors increases. So you can work on your CTR. Not familiar with the CTR? This is the click through rate. In French, we rather talk about CTR. This rate equals the number of clicks received by your website in the results pages of search engines. Mentioned above, quality content helps you increase your positon. You can also find new keywords to use. To do this, the Moz Blog suggests creating new content. Be sure to create original and interesting content for your readers. Moreover, it is important not to invade your keyword text that will be identified by search engines. This type of text is boring and hard to read. You are now warned. If you have not visited the new pages creation step, you can always optimize the pages you already have on your website. A page seems important and you want to put forward? Rework the optimization of this page. The last option available to you is to focus on the keywords that you already have to increase the number of visits. Depending on your intentions, if you're stuck for ideas, suggestions listed above are a great start.

Once the dice rolled ...

If you begin to navigate the world of SEO or even if you have considerable experience in the field, you've heard a few people utter death of SEO. Others proclaim that this is spam. Some developers create web pages for the sole purpose of improving their position in the search results pages. You can imagine that this practice is prohibited. No need to remember that Google improves its search engine constantly to eliminate such practices. The user must be at the center of your concerns. By putting yourself in his place, you will learn about the actions you can do to properly optimize your website. Some say it's no longer only select good keywords in the hope of being well positioned to them. It is a way of seeing things, but it must be remembered that search engines are no longer the only resource that exists. Social media have made their arrival for some time now, you know. We must use these resources, as most users are connected. Mobile devices facilitate access to these new applications. Ryan Stewart, a specialist in web strategy, published an article that gives an interesting perspective on SEO. Take a look at the following link:

You thought the avalanche of information ended here? Well no ! Slip a note on paid advertisements. Buying ad space can be a winning option for your business. Some argue that paid advertising promoting SEO. Nothing proves this theory, but remember that it is better to use all the resources at your disposal rather than favor one. The consequences are sometimes costly when lack of preparation or knowledge. Assess your needs, search for relevant information and do not hesitate to ask for a hand experts.

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