The puzzle of the local landing pages

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We have discussed several topics regarding landing pages. First, we have dispelled doubts about them and shown how they are useful for any serious conversions strategy. Then we have compiled a list of errors to be avoided to ensure you create a landing page without fault. Finally, we discussed the factors to be considered to test landing pages in the right way. Today's topic is as relevant and useful. You may have questions about local landing pages. They are especially useful if you want to bring forward specific projects in a city or if you serve several cities for example. It’s a path that many try to avoid because it can quickly become bumpy. By cons, as usual, we'll give you several tips for successful local landing pages. You will love them or you will fall under their spell.

What path to take?

Start by identifying the cities you serve or those you wish to reach. It’s important to know that you should try to appear in the organic results on Google. This is very useful especially if you have no physical address in any city you are trying to reach. Then create unique landing pages for each of these cities, reattach those pages to a menu of your website which lists all the cities you serve and start promoting these pages on social networks. As explained in Miriam Ellis’s article Local Landing Pages: A Guide To Great Implementation In Every Situation, it’s not necessary (and impossible!) to create 60 landing pages if you serve this exact number of cities. Create 5 or 10 pages and you can increase the number of pages in the future. Focus on the cities that are most important. Ellis insists that your pages must be unique. Don’t copy and paste the same content on each page that you create. Google prohibits this practice, which is considered as spam. Don’t compile a single list of all the cities in which you work by simply indicating the address and zip code. Finally, don’t give false addresses if you don’t have physical offices. Virtual offices and post boxes are not tolerated by the Google guidelines. Yes, it's spam! Avoid this practice at all costs. Here are some ideas of original content you could include on your page: show the projects you have done in some cities using photos and texts, collect the testimony of satisfied customers and create videos (don’t forget the transcript), interview the staff working with you in each of the cities you serve, etc. If you have customers widely recognized in some cities, Ellis proposes to talk about them. After all, if you are working with well-known companies, why not mention it? Don’t forget to specify the city. This will give you even more exposure. There is a lot of things you can do to create a single page. Keep in mind that these pages should be helpful for visitors. You must have a relevant link with the city you selected. Be creative! It’s important to mention that if you have nothing unique to say or offer, don’t give yourself the trouble of creating pages.

Do you have multiple offices in different cities? Miriam Ellis suggests that you optimize the home pages and about pages besides creating landing pages. If you have more than 10 different locations, the best strategy is to optimize the home page, about pages and services page. The full address of each office in each city must be visible at the top of your landing page. Google + pages can be very useful, but it’s absolutely necessary to have physical addresses for each page created. It’s forbidden to create Google + pages with virtual addresses. Have you thought about creating a blog? If you have a large number of cities, create the main pages and the remaining cities will be the subject of posts on a blog. This is a great way to cover all the cities you serve and to provide unique and relevant information.

It’s your turn!

Are you looking forward to start? If you get involved in creating your landing pages, you will definitely succeed. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Surely you have other ideas that are not mentioned in this article, but which are equally relevant. Ask yourself if the created page will be useful for your customers. If the answer is positive, you are on the right road. You may have noticed that some of your competitors don’t put as much effort as you to create beautiful pages. This is your chance to stand out. Take a look at the pages of those same competitors and see what you can improve. Now it's your time to play and complete the puzzle!

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